System Admin – Unix/Linux job at Infinity Computers (i3C)

Kampala, Uganda
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This job has expired.


We’re looking for someone with good depth and an understanding of system administration (system admin) in a unix/linux operating system environment.
The individual ought to be all rounded with knowledge of computer operating systems with a knack to identify and solve unique problems as these arise on an everyday basis.
The core duties involve running, upgrade and maintenance of service on unix/linux servers deployed on cloud infrastructure.

• Perform duties that include the installation, configuration, upgrade and maintenance of UNIX/Linux servers running large scale Internet services
• Administer Linux servers running applications ensure that they are readily accessible for their target users. Experience building, patching and maintaining servers both physical and virtual. An understanding of Cloud Infrastructure Services or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
• Fault handling and escalation: identifying and respond to faults on the servers and networks, handle resolution and escalation in a timely way
• Provide support services on virtual servers
• Provision: Service such as IP assignment,
• Setup and manage of domain name servers (DNS)
• Systems upkeep and record maintenance of software updates
• Maintain up to date system documentation for all responsible systems and servers.
• Monitor and graph usage and up-time
• Build adequate backup and restoration schemes for client data and services.

• Knowledge of the linux kernel, be able to work at the command line level that include, and with an understanding system diagnostics using bash scripts, syslog, rsyslog, tenshi, radius etc ..
• Knowledge of cloud Infrastructure services with familiarity of the concepts Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), hardware as a service (HaaS), Software as service (SaaS) and so forth ..
• Experience with running and configuring common scalable Internet services with webservers such the popular apache server
• Expert knowledge with server build, service installation of service and applications, configuration and fine tuning of network services and applications, and overall be able to work within an environment of the devices and tools:
a) Network Operation Center (NOCs) gear – smart routers and switches
b) LibreNMS – automated network monitoring and discovery
c) Smokeping – latency/round trip time, jitter and packet loss monitor
d) Nagios – server and service monitoring and alerting
e) Netflow, NfSen – traffic analysis and exploration
f) RANCID: network equipment configuration backup, change tracking & automation including the use of WebSVN
• Understand network monitoring protocols such as SNMP
• Familiarity with VM system administration (vMotion, High Availability, etc.)
• One should have knowledge of switching and internet routing technologies especially with cisco routers and switches.
• Understanding IPtables/firewalls, DNS, Postgres, and Nginx
• Know use of forensic tools and pattern matching utilities to interpret alerts and security warnings
• Capable of multi-tasking, good time management and prioritization of workload.
• Know how to write technical documentations

• An honors degree in Computer Science, Information technology or any related IT field plus a 2022 certified copy of the original degree transcript.
• Three years of working experience in a busy ICT environment designing, integrating and administrating enterprise compute, storage and networking solutions

Job application procedure
You can apply by sending your CV to

Uganda, Kampala


This job has expired.