Jobs Uganda is the leading and longest-running online recruitment in Uganda. We understand that job-seekers come to us not only for a job, but for an opportunity to realize their professional dreams and move up in their careers. We, the Dream-Makers, are here to help. With 59 thousand job opportunities each year, the Newest and largest of any job website in Uganda
At Jobs Uganda, we call our employees “Dream Makers” because everyone here works for the ultimate purpose: To help people and companies achieve their dreams. We make the dreams of our recruiting clients come true by helping them hire the right people for their companies. We realize the dreams of job-seekers by offering them most suitable jobs

We Established our Office in 2018 doing offline recruitment before deciding to opt for online service recruitment and Job advertising.

At Jobs Uganda, we have over 5000 Employers willing to advertise their Jobs with us

We have helped more than 60,000 job seekers get jobs using our online and offline job services

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