Sales Executives Job at Riham

Hariss International Limited, Bombo Road, Kampala, Uganda
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This job has expired.


Key Responsibilities:
• Ensure that the agent’s stores are opened early and you go to the field early.
• Cover all the sales points (shops, stockiest, restaurants, supermarket’s, hotels, hospitals, bars and kiosks).
• Monitor our products in each and every sales point as well as checking for expiries.
• Arrange the displays for our products in your area.
• Move with the agent’s sales team on all routes and monitor their activities and in case of any issues you report to your supervisor or manager.
• Follow up on orders when the stock levels reduce in the store.
• Monitor the company fridges for displays, availability of products and that no competitor products are displayed in these fridges.
• Load all brands i.e. soda, water, energy drink, juice and biscuits in reasonable quantities when going to the field. push all the company brands and a penalty will be charged for failure to push certain brands.
• Maintain the market that has been created by the promotions and supervision team especially for water.
• Ensure that bonuses are given to customers whenever there is a promotion and failure to do this will be regarded as dishonesty and theft.
• Always move with posters whenever you go for a route sale and put them in all areas of entrance, visibility and replace those that have been removed.
• You should not disclose any information to competitors regarding our products, prices, business processes or sales.
• You are expected to achieve the expected minimum sales target of at least 85% of your total target. Failure to achieve this target for three consecutive months may lead to termination.
• You should report to management all those agents mixing other products either on the distribution truck or store.
• Advise the agents depot manager to always arrange the products in a proper way to avoid damages and expiries.
• Always use the company line to communicate to your agent and all your customers.
• You should be faithful to your employer and you should not receive any bribes from your agent and all your customers.
• Always portray the best company image by dressing appropriately and keep neat and smart.
• Customer approach: explain to customers about all the products and use the profit strategy to sell slow moving products.
• Enforce territorial respect between the agents and control dumping.
• Taking alcohol is not acceptable during working hours.
• Handle and take good care of company property like phones and laptops and any costs for damages and repairs due to negligence will be charged on you.
• Daily reports should be sent to the data office and a weekly report sent to the supervisor.
• Monitor adverts on radio and Televisions and inform management about the old adverts that are aired or adverts with a wrong price.
• You should know all your customers by name, and they should also know you.
• Perform any other duties

Minimum Requirements:
• Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Economics or a related discipline.
• Minimum of 2 years experience in sales.
• Must be ready to work under pressure.

Job application procedure
Interested applicants can visit:

Uganda, Kampala


This job has expired.