Operations Manager, Operations Generalist at Yellow

Kampala, Uganda


Yellow’s Kampala office will be the first of its kind in Uganda. As such, we require individuals with iron skin, guts and patience to put in the work and go the extra mile to ensure that our operations are set on an indisputably firm and solid foundation. See the Job Descriptions below for further information.

We currently have job openings for the following positions:

1. Operations Manager
2. Operations Generalist

Applications to be submitted online via this link:(Please contact us using the “Apply for this Job Posting” box below)

Position Requirements

Tech School

  • Service oriented: ensuring that our customers have the full experience of what we mean when we say Live Better is a priority for us and must be the same for you.
  • Leadership skills: the ability to lead people of diverse cultural and work backgrounds.
  • Critical thinking: Ability to derive solutions to challenges faced in daily operations.
  • Tech savviness: we are a digital retailer which essentially means you’ll be using various technologies to get work done.
  • Cultural intelligence and diversity: Ability to embrace and nurture all types of people.
  • Emotional intelligence: Key in decision making as well as maintaining progressive and healthy work relations with team members.
  • Creativity & adaptability: Ability to come up with great ideas that will further improve the business.
  • Highly motivated, self-driven and ability to work with minimal supervision: Because no one has time for micromanaging staff (it’s counterproductive).
  • Experience in the PayGo industry will be an added advantage.
  • A strategist & Executioner: you must have the ability to think things through critically and implement them. Strategy is meaningless if not put into action.
Uganda, Kampala