Officer Debt Collection- MOUs at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Uganda Revenue Authority, Nakawa - Jinja Road, Kampala, Uganda


About URA:

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) was established by the Uganda Revenue Authority Statute of 1991 and set up in September of the same year as a central body for assessment and collection of specified revenue, to administer and enforce the laws relating to such revenue and to provide for related matters. This statute incorporated all the laws that were in force then regarding tax collection. The new organization (URA) amalgamated the three tax administration departments that were responsible for all the taxes collected by the Central Government of Uganda.

Job Summary:  The Officer Debt Collection- MOUs will prepare and monitor the performance of memoranda of Understanding with tax payers and provide legal opinions on case files to recover outstanding taxes and enhance
revenue collection

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

Prepare Memoranda
of Understanding to enable recovery of outstanding taxes

    • Study authority letters to verify interest computations and total tax liability
    • Engage tax payers to obtain postdated cheques and any relevant securities to aid in preparing the MOUs
  • Prepare the MOUS and submit to the line supervisor for further administration
  • Engage the tax payer to review the MOUS and attach the necessary requirements to enable the signing
  • Prepare a collection report and recommendations for further management

Monitor the performance of the memoranda of Understanding to enhance compliance with tax

    • Develop a Debt collection portfolio, categorizing cases according to the risk involved
    • Liaise with the data technical officer to confirm if the cheques have cleared and monitor progress of the level of compliance with the MOUS with the tax payers
  • Reconcile and maintain the payment schedule with an updated tax obligation status
  • Prepare addendums to the MOUS and submit to the line supervisor for review and approval
  • Prepare appropriate debt collection instruments for enforcement on defaulting taxpayers
  • Obtain and analyze the monthly collection reports to check the status of compliance with MOUS

Provide legal opinions to guide in handling tax payer’s cases in order to enable full
recovery of outstanding taxes

    • Study case files and provide the appropriate legal opinions accordingly
    • Study requests for debt write offs and advise on any legal consequences
  • Gather information from the Case officers, tax district officials, and hold Consultations with relevant stakeholders on course of action to be taken for enforcement
  • Liaise with the case officer to study the cases and advise on the course of action and legal frameworks
  • Research and make recommendations for policy amendments and adoption of new laws
  • Handle all cases under receivership/liquidation in accordance to the relevant laws

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 

  • The applicants for the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Officer Debt Collection- MOUs job opportunity should hold Bachelor’s degrees in Law
  • Basic training in Debt Collection is desirable
  • Specialised training in tax administration is desired
  • A minimum of two years’ experience in legal practice or tax related field
  • Knowledge of Debt collection manual, Installment management policy, Tax laws and any Other Relevant Laws.
  • The incumbent must have good negotiation skills and close attention to debt management
  • The incumbent must have strong Communication skills- both written and oral
  • S/he must have good interpersonal skills
  • S/he must have an impeccable record of integrity
  • S/he should be resilience with the ability to travel frequently and flexibility with ability to prioritize tasks
  • The incumbent must possess good analytical skills with close attention to detail.
  • S/he must have good reporting skills with proven sense to confidentiality
  • S/he should be able to work in teams
Uganda, Kampala