Manager Marketing & Commercial job at Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA)

Civil Aviation Authority Head Office, Kampala - Entebbe Road, Entebbe, Uganda
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Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) is a corporate body responsible for regulation of civil aviation in Uganda and management of Entebbe International Airport (EIA) and thirteen (13) other upcountry aerodromes.

UCAA carries out its work in conformity with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).

The Authority plans to recruit qualified Ugandans of impeccable integrity and commitment to fill the following positions in its establishment as detailed below: –



REPORTS TO : Deputy Director General



JOB PURPOSE : The position exists to lead in the marketing and commercialization of UCAA and to create opportunities for the growth of UCAA’s aeronautical and non- aeronautical revenues and other business goals, including but not limited to marketing and commercial functions and customer engagement and retention.



  1. Input into Strategic Planning and Vision

Understands the focus and direction of UCAA and fully integrates the department.

Understands and shares UCAA Vision, Mission & Values with Management Team and ensures understanding by subordinates and external stakeholders.

Develops the work processes in support of the vision and enrolls the business towards UCAA’s vision.

Develops and implements both strategic and operational plans for the Marketing and Commercial Department

Develops the Key Marketing and Commercial strategic milestones and ensures that the business is leveraged to achieve corporate objectives.

Participates in the business planning, budgeting, and review process of the Authority.

Understands the Shareholders financial interests in UCAA and ensures they are supported.


  1. Marketing and Commercial Development and Management
  • Develops and manages commercial concessions and ensures adequate return on investment for the Authority.
  • Manages Airport rentable space to ensure revenue maximization and optimal use.
  • Continuously monitors property rental values locally and internationally to ensure that the authority obtains comparable returns.
  • Continuously explores new business opportunities at Entebbe International Airport and any other viable up-country airports and advises Management on their exploitation.
  • Markets the Authority effectively to operators and other potential users to achieve service development and traffic growth to meet corporate objectives.
  • Develops a comprehensive UCAA marketing strategy for air transport business that supports the corporate strategy by maximizing growth in traffic and use of the Authority’s services.
  • Ensures growth in number of airlines operating through the airports due to effective marketing of the Authority through air services development fora. This includes tourism/travel fairs, trade exhibition, route development,conferences, and meetings.
  • Ensures growth in the usage of the airport operational facilities e.g., Departure Passenger Handling Systems (DPHS), aerobridges.
  • Ensures growth in volume of exports passing through the airport by improving the airport facilities to meet the needs of exporters.
  • Ensures growth in the number of business clients using UCAA airport facilities, i.e., premises, cold rooms, land etc., through a marketing strategy targeting the exporters.
  • Ensures improved customer care by being responsible for the needs of customers to make Uganda airports the preferable choice amongst the regional competitors; andconducts customer survey and timely implements the recommendations to ensure efficiency in delivery of services to customers.
  • Develops relationships with users to create smooth facilitation through UCAA airports.
  • Organizes sensitization workshops for exporters to market UCAA facilities and understands exporters’ facility needs. Develops action policies for UCAA response to make the facilities more appealing to exporters.
  • Monitors and analyses user complaints and initiates corrective measures to address them through stakeholders’ engagements
  • Organizes stakeholders’ workshops to discuss and disseminate Airport service quality survey results and appropriate recommendations.
  • Participates in and advises management on how the Authority can effectively play its role in the national Tourism Promotional activities.
  • Conducts indirect marketing by participating in the country’s tourism, promotional activities and thereby increase passenger numbers through Entebbe International Airport.
  • Monitors the implementation of the Tourism Master Plan and advises management on the improvement of Aviation Infrastructure necessary in support of the growing Tourism Industry.
  • Ensures well-coordinated ground public transport from/to the airport.
  • Liaises with exporters of non-traditional products especially fish,
  1. Financial Management
  2. Understands the financial requirement of the department and seeks approvals of the financial, material, and human resources required to manage the department efficiently.
  3. Monitors actual costs against expenditure on an ongoing basis and report accordingly.
  4. Ensures budgetary controls so that the planned costs are not exceeded, and the department adheres to value-for-money principles.
  5. Manages the assets assigned to the department through maintenance and repair for revenue maximization.


  1. Customer Service
  • Builds a strong customer relationship management strategy to ensure customer satisfaction: strong relationships with existing and new customers
  • Ensures timely feedback to all clients’ issues/complaints by carrying out swift investigations and resolving complex or long outstanding problems that have been referred by Customer Care Officers, Public RelationsOfficers, and various departments.
  • Improvement of customer experience by Identifying and driving process improvements to ensure excellence in customer experience, timely delivery of services, optimum productivity, and effective management of resources
  • Develops and submits reports arising out of analyses of customer service that the organization provides and making recommendations for service improvement from time to time.
  1. Branding Develops brand marketing strategies to establish strategic direction and program positioning by developing marketing partnerships and broaden the reach of the Authority’s brand messaging.
  • Participates in the development and execution of paid social programs on self-service advertising platforms such as social media marketing by contributing to the development and execution of all ground events, promotions, and stunts for the brand.
  • Plays a managerial role in the production process for all offline marketing materials whilst maintaining operational production budgets to ensure that there is a continuous effective and economical allocation of resources.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor an annual comprehensive marketing brand plan that will give direction to the growth and sustainability of the UCAA brand, prepare an annual budget, identify advertising opportunities, and monitor the progress.
  • Carry out concept development, management of advertising and research agencies to ensure maximum efficiency and effect
  • Ensure that communications mediums and branding are used effectively to create awareness and increased participation
  • Develops long term and short-term brand strategies by setting brand guidelines, brand vision, and value proposition to ease the planning and execution of all communications and media actions on all channels including online and social media.
  • Supervise advertising, product design and other forms of marketing as well as analyzing the success of marketing campaigns to maintain consistency in branding.
  • Monitor product distribution and consumer reactions to devise new innovative growth strategies


  1. Human Resource Management
  • Attracts, retains, develops, mentors, and motivates high caliber staff in the department.
  • Provides leadership and development to the department.



Essential Requirements

  1. A Master’s Degree in Marketing, MBA, orany related field from an approved, recognized, and reputable university or institution.
  2. A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration or any related field from a recognized University or institution
  3. Membership to the Charted Institute of Marketing or equivalent professional membership is required
  4. At least 10 years’ experience in a vibrant Marketing and Commercial department or equivalent with Marketing, Commercial or Customer Care responsibilities of a large enterprise, 5 of which should be at managerial level.
  5. Should be between 35 to 50 years.Desirable Requirements
  6. Brand Marketing, customer service, property management and contract negotiations Knowledge
  7. General knowledge about Transport Industry would be an added advantage.



  1. Must possess outstanding negotiating skills
  2. Must have good interpersonal and communication skills
  3. Must be a seasoned People- Manager with demonstrable prior experience and success in overseeing Staff productivity and Performance Management.
  4. Must be a target achiever with demonstrated hands on experience


Job application procedure

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  8. Please note that falsification of information is an offense in UCAA. You are advised to only apply for the jobs where you meet the minimum requirements as indicated in the job description as well as being very sincere while responding to the application questionnaire.
  9. Physical/hard copy applications will not be accepted.



  1. For any inquires or assistance, please contact: +256-312-352000.
  2. Applications are to be received not later than 5:00 pm on 12th April 2023. It is the duty of the applicant to ensure that his/her application is received by the indicated date and late applications will not be entertained in any circumstances.
  3. In your CV, please include contacts of two credible referees i.e., one professional (past or present employer/supervisor) and the other for character assessment. We pledge to conduct a transparent recruitment process!

The Director Human Resource & Administration,

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (Head Office),

P.O. Box 5536,


Uganda, Kampala


This job has expired.