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Aidenvironment East Africa, Luthuli Avenue, Kampala, Uganda


Applications are invited for suitably qualified, young and energetic fresh graduates (at Bachelors level) for our exciting traineeship for a period of 3 months (February – April 2020). A Trainee will be attached to a project either in Northern or Eastern Uganda. The Ugandan Trainees will be paired with our Dutch Trainees from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Trading as either “Aidenvironment” or “RAIN”, Stichting Aidenvironment is a social enterprise (or as we often describe ourselves: “a not-for-profit consultancy”) implementing projects/programs and providing research and advice on sustainable land and water management, production and trade. We are a dedicated and independent partner of public, private and civil society actors. Focusing on the linkages between natural resources and value chains, our specific expertise lies within the areas of 1) integrated land and water management and 2) making sectors and value chains more sustainable. Within those areas, we provide advice, set up and manage programs and projects, and conduct evaluations and assessments.
In Uganda, we are registered as a Foreign Company and have our office at Plot 99 Luthuli Avenue Bugolobi, Kampala.

Duties and Responsibilities
Research on water and related natural resources management in a refugee context, West Nile
Environmental degradation is a common occurrence across Uganda, and among hosts and refugees’ settlements. This comes along with challenges related to water access and natural resources management. Refugees and hosting communities depend on the environment to meet their needs for shelter, cooking, agricultural production, and income generation. A research study will be undertaken in refugee settlements in West Nile to examine issues related to management of natural resources, socioeconomic aspects and NGO-refugee relationships.
Through stakeholder interviews, in-field observations, and other means, the Trainees (1 Ugandan + 1 Dutch) will;
• Determine current practices, challenges and possible solutions related to the management of water and related resources in the refugee settlement and host communities
• Obtain insights on the general social and economic aspects in the settlements and host communities
• Identify best practices for sustainable management of water and related natural resources in the area

Project in Agago District in Northern Uganda
The project in Agago district includes determining priority investment options for Agago sub catchment, in the context of Catchment-based Integrated Water Resources Management. This will include, among other aspects, opportunities for improving: access to water for different purposes, sanitation and hygiene behaviours, natural resources governance, and generally, rural livelihoods.
The Trainees (2 Ugandan + 2 Dutch) will;
• Participate in conducting stakeholder consultations within hotspot areas
• Participate in fields assessments to identify issues (both social and biophysical) related to catchment management, for examples in the areas of WASH, natural resources management, agriculture and livelihoods development.
• Assist in planning and organising dialogue meetings with key stakeholders.

Project in Kapachorwa, Bukwo and Kween in Eastern Uganda
The Eastern region particularly the slopes of Mountain Elgon is home to some of the best arabica coffee produced in Ugandan. Unfortunately, the production of this coffee faces challenges including environmental hazards and limited opportunities to build strong livelihoods for the young population; this often makes farming unattractive especially to the youth. The research will explore sustainable socioeconomic opportunities for farmers in the area covering socio-political dimensions (including the role of youth), ownership of land, gender aspects in the coffee and possibly other value chains.
Through stakeholder interviews, in-field observations, and other means, The Trainees (1 Ugandan + 2Dutch) will;

• Explore opportunities for improving smallholder farming through soil and water conservation practices
• Identify the current land tenure arrangements and their implication on agricultural production
• Identify local water and land management practices for better crop production
• Assist in planning and organising dialogue meetings with key stakeholders


The Graduate Trainees should, as a minimum, have the following qualifications and competencies:

  • A University degree (Bachelor level) in the fields of; environment, agriculture, social sciences, environmental/civil/water resources / agricultural engineering or a related field
  • Knowledge of Microsoft programmes (Word, excel, MS outlook) and use of internet.
  • Excellent written, oral communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Proficiency in English, and a local language relevant to the specific area of interest is a plus

What we offer
• Interesting graduate training including opportunities for training and career growth
• Modest monthly stipend

Job Education Requirements: University degree

Applying Instructions

Procedure for Application Please send your CV, motivational letter and academic documents by email to;  (with copy to )

with the subject “Graduate Trainee’’ (indicating project of interest).

Uganda, Kampala