2 Clinical Services Lead Jobs at Marie Stopes

Marie Stopes Clinic, Kampala, Uganda
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Reporting to the Hospital Manager, the purpose of this role is to manage clinical services for the effective provision of quality nursing and midwifery services. To operate and perform in line with the Vision and Mission of the hospital. To set the standards for provision of quality nursing/midwifery services to all clients. To plan, monitor, coordinate, supervise and evaluate nursing/midwifery, medical and theatre activities and performance. To provide .

Key Responsibilities
• Developing a plan for ensuring 24-hour nursing/midwifery, medical and theatre duty coverage.
• Allocating duties to nurse/midwives to ensure smooth running of the hospital

• Monitoring and supervising nursing/midwifery, medical, and theatre performance
• Coaching and mentoring nurse/midwives, medical officer and theatre assistant on quality improvement
• Participating in developing and Implementing the hospital protocols and guidelines.
• Making requisitions for adequate and appropriate hospital equipment, sundries and medicines.
• Distributing required sundries, equipment and medicines to specific wards and units
• Organizing and holding periodic meetings with nurse/midwives, medical officers and theatre assistant
• Accounting for the hospital sundries, equipment, medicines and other supplies
• Enforcing strict adherence to ethical code of conduct by the nurse/midwives, medical officer and theatre assistant
• Preparing and submitting timely periodic reports.
• Carrying out any other duty delegated by the supervisor

Knowledge and Experience
• Ability to discuss issues of sexuality and reproductive health with male and female clients of all ages.
• Experience and knowledge of FP service delivery at community level (previous outreach experience preferred)
• Experience working as part of a highly functioning team.
• Excellent record keeping and time management.
• Excellent inventory management
• Attention for detail.
• Proven skills in effective problem solving and conflict resolution
• Computer literate (ability to effectively enter and maintain client records through an electronic database)
• Adherence to Nurses’ ethical code of conduct and integrity
• Ability to plan, organize and coordinate ward/unit and theatre activities
• Demonstrable experience in managing health care data and report writing in a busy environment.
• Good data analytical skills including database administration, web-based and mobile-based application programming.
• Ability to work in deadline driven/results orientated atmospheres.
• Excellent oral and writing abilities.
• Ability to ensure patient safety, privacy and confidentiality
• Ability to work and communicate effectively with people from different background
• Demonstrable experience in emergency preparedness and care
• Good team player.
• Good planner
• Leadership and management abilities
• Good public relations and customer care

Qualifications and Training (essential/ desirable)
• A Bachelor of Science degree in Midwifery from a recognized University /institution
• Diploma in Registration in Nursing and midwifery
• Registered with the Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Council and holds a valid practicing license.
• Certificate in leadership and management is an added advantage
• Hard working and energetic with a working Nursing/midwifery experience of 3 years and above
• Able to work on full time basis
Personal Attributes

Successful performance at MSI is not simply defined in terms of ‘what’ people achieve, but equally is about ‘how’ people go about their jobs and the impact that they have on others. We encourage and expect all team members will demonstrate the following behaviours:
• Initiative
Thinking ahead and taking action to make the most of opportunities by finding the optimum solution
• Innovative
Thinking creatively and outside of the box so that ideas generated create a positive outcome
• Effective Communication
Communicating through active listening and good questioning techniques, using appropriate body language, ensuring information is clear and concise.
• Responsive
Being responsive to changing priorities and demands
• Working Efficiently
Planning, prioritising and organising work to ensure work is accurate and deadlines are met
• Sharing Information
Sharing information and knowledge whilst maintaining confidentiality
• Focus on Learning.
Taking responsibility for keeping knowledge and skills updated and for seeking opportunities to develop further
• Commitment
Awareness and understanding of goals, vision and values and how your role impacts on this and going the extra mile to meet role requirements
• Driven
Drive and determination to deliver results
• Accountable
Taking responsibility for appropriate decisions that you make, and the actions and behaviour you demonstrate
• Embracing Change
Openness to embracing change within the organisation and being able to adjust plans/activities accordingly
• Motivated
Motivation towards achieving quality results to maximise potential
• Team Player
Working as part of a team by being supportive, flexible and showing respect for each other

Team Member Behaviours
Work as One MSI
• You contribute, use, and share accurate data and evidence to improve understanding, insight and decision-making across MSI, enabling us to maximise our ability to influence others.
• You share relevant knowledge, expertise and resources to strengthen teamwork and prevent duplication of effort.
• You actively work as part of a team, providing support and flexibility to colleagues, demonstrating fairness, understanding and respect for all people and cultures.
Show courage, authenticity and integrity
• You hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make and the behaviours you demonstrate.
• You are courageous in challenging others and taking appropriate managed risks.
Develop and grow
• You seek feedback to enable greater self-awareness and provide the same to others in a way which inspires them to be even more effective.
• You manage your career development including keeping your knowledge and skills up to date.
Deliver excellence, always
• You strive to consistently meet and exceed expectations, putting clients at the centre of everything, and implement smarter, more efficient ways of performing your role.
• You build and maintain effective long-term working relationships with all stakeholders and are a true MSI ambassador.
Leadership (For Leaders only)
• You inspire individuals and teams, through situational leadership, providing clear direction.
• You seek and provide opportunities which motivate team members, helping to develop skills and potential whilst strengthening our talent and succession pipeline.
• You are aware of emerging developments in our sector, demonstrating strategic insight about our clients and business and encourage this in your team.
• You articulate a vision of the future which inspires and excites others.

Job application procedure
To apply for the positions, Please submit your application and CV to jobs@mariestopes.or.ug.
The deadline for applications is, 15th April 2021.

Uganda, Kampala


This job has expired.